OJSC SPA Burovaya technika

Engineering Drilling Tools Designing

New unit “Chief Designer Department” performs the following tasks:
  • Analysis of the existing structures and analogues of the drilling equipment and tools being developed;
  • Development of proposals for import substitution;
  • Improvement and development of the downhole tools and equipment designs;
  • Engineering support in the manufacture of new equipment at the plants of "VNIIBT- Burovoy Instrument ", LLC;
  • Service maintenance of the equipment produced at the customer's enterprises;
  • Participation in the Drilling Programs development;
  • Maintenance and improvement of the Integrated Quality Management System.
In 2015, the following projects have been made:
  • shock absorber for axial and torsional vibrations damping;
  • device for directed coring;
  • hydraulic loader.
In 2016, the following designs are planned for development:
  • drill string oscillator;
  • multiple-pump;
  • downhole complex for drilling process automatic control.
Shock absorber for axial and torsional vibrations damping
  • for axial and torsional shock loads in the BHA elements decrease while drilling;
  • provides bit, PDM, drill pipe, telemetry system etc. durability increase by 15-20% against the baseline drilling technology without shock absorbers in similar geological and technical conditions.
Device for directed coring
  • for directed coring in pioneer and exploratory wells;
  • core is directed by the application of the special marks on the core outer surface and log recording of those marks position referred to the magnetic north.
Hydraulic loader


Application area:
  • PDM directed and horizontal drilling;
  • well drilling using coiled tubing equipment.
The developed downhole device provides while well drilling:
  • stable design bit load regardless the drill string weight and friction, elimination of the initiation, development and intensification of BHA longitudinal vibrations. This is achieved as a result of mechanical separation of a downhole motor and a bit from the drill string, also due to storage of liquid volumes above and below the piston, which are connected by hydraulic channels with the drill string interior and the annulus respectively.
Drill string oscillator
The drill string oscillator provides:
  • sticking probability reduction;
  • drill string hanging-up;
  • conditioning of the axial load in a horizontal bore by the friction reduction;
  • extended-reach horizontal wellsdrilling.


In elaboration of the long-term work in the multiple-pump screw motors creation “VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument”, LLC and SPA “Burovaya Technika” continues the construction of submersible screw pumps with multiple-working bodies.
The use of screw pumps with multiple-working bodies has several important operational advantages over pumps with conventional working bodies (with a single-thread screw), in particular it allows to:
  • design high-pressure pump (20-25 MPa) by 2.5-3 meters length designing;
  • create wide-range delivery pumps (15-35m3/day) with 100-500 RPM;
  • reduce diametric dimension with working output parameters (pressure and flow) maintenance - 69 against 81 mm.
Downhole complex for drilling process automatic control
The device for PDM automatic downhole control, in particular, for maintenance of regime-operational characteristics in design limits, such as differential pressure, weight on bit was taken as a basis for development.
Taking into account that these parameters are linked, we consider it sufficient to maintain one of the parameter, such as the differential pressure, in the specified limits. It will ensure the stable work of PDM itself.