OJSC SPA Burovaya technika

Industrial Safety Expert Review

In accordance with Federal Law No116 on Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities, industrial safety implies the society is protected against accidents and their consequences at a production facility. Industrial safety is controlled and evaluated through an industrial safety expert review.


The OJSC SPA “Burovaya Tehnika” carries out technical investigation of accidents (Article 12 of the Federal Law) and industrial safety expert review (Article 13 of the Federal Law). This activity is in full compliance with the Federal Law mentioned above and the scope of research and engineer practice of the Company.


The Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Surveillance is the Federal executive body specially authorized in industrial safety.


Industrial safety expert review is carried out by organizations holding relevant licenses and at the expense of the company, which plans to operate or operates a hazardous production facility.


Normative and License Framework of the Company’s Activity


The License for Industrial Safety Expert Review Execution of the Russian Technical Surveillance Agency No -00-008996 () dated August 7, 2008 (valid until August 7, 2013 then transferred into timeless) includes:
  • review of design documents for development, construction, extension, revamping, equipment modernization, conservation and liquidation of a hazardous production facility;
  • review of equipment used at a hazardous production facility;
  • review of buildings and constructions at a hazardous production facility;
  • review of industrial safety declarations;
  • review of other documents related to hazardous production facility operation.


Technical investigation of accident causes at hazardous oil and gas production facilities are classified in accordance with the Order No 480 of 19.08.2011 “On the Order of Technical Investigation of Accident Causes at Hazardous Production Facilities”, approved by the Decision of Gosgortechnadzor (The Federal Mining and Industry Regulatory Agency) No 40 dated June 8, 1999, while major causes for accidents are classified in accordance with RD 04-383-00 (The Regulation on the Order of Submission, Recording and Analysis of Information on Accidents, Incidents and Explosive Losses by the Federal Mining and Industry Regulatory Agency), approved by the Decision of Gosgortechnadzor No 101, dated October 2, 2000).


Staff Certification and Qualification


Highly skilled professionals of JSC SPA “Burovaya Tehnika” including5 Doctorsof Technical Sciences, 4 Candidates of Technical and Physical and Mathematical Sciences are involved in the expert evaluation. Specialists are certified against the “Approval (Certification) Rules for Experts” (-12-2009) who perform the industrial safety expert review of oil-and-gas industry some of them being classified as top-qualification experts. Each expert has many years’ active experience (ranging from 7 to 40 years) in the certified field.


JSC SPA Burovaya Technika” guarantees the high level of services provided within an optimal timeframe.