OJSC SPA Burovaya technika

Fields of Research

1. Development of designing methodology for energy efficient profiles of directed, horizontal and multilateral wells
Research is carried out into development of directed, horizontal and multilateral well profile types, that will fully meet well architecture and natural bending of drilling columns, minimize friction forces and complications occurrence.
2. Research in hydrodynamical methods of drilling processes intensification
Optimization of bottomhole washover process through the system for bottomhole surface and area, as well as bit cutting structure washover control system are studied. This purpose can be achieved by bottomhole and drilling bit washover procedure and mode change, which will ensure compliance of rock cutting tool hydraulic systems with geological conditions, rock properties and the drilling bit cutting structure type.
3. Analysis of hydraulic downhole drilling technology development and defining efficient fields of application for this technology in various geological and technical conditions
The object of research is to define the most efficient application fields for various types of downhole turbine and positive displacement motors depending on geological conditions of drilling, well profiles, drilling purposes, well depth, types of flushing liquids used and other technological and natural factors
4. Development and improvement of the downhole equipment
5. Reliability and technological effectiveness of thread joints
Research and development of new taped pipe threaded connections for oil and gas pipelines, hydraulic motors and calibers; analysis and evaluation of domestic and foreign thread connection efficiency on static and dynamic strength, make-up resource and tightness; elaboration of practical recommendations to improve the thread connection operational performance and resource at repeated making; creation of modern methods of joint thread connection optimization; determination of the optimal make-up torque in drill string assemble depending on the loads and thread wear degree.
6. Research and development of optimized technologies for the risks minimization at oil and gas well construction in the complicated geologic and engineer conditions
The aim of research is to solve the safety improve problems at oil and gas wells construction in the complicated geological and engineer conditions, drilling at great depths, shelf and offshore drilling, horizontal and multilateral wells with long horizontal sections and others.
7. Definition of effective application areas for flexible fiberglass pipes in oil and gas production, drilling, workover and oil-and-gas field arrangement.